Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Watch Dogs

The Game's story,takes place in a not so fictionalized Chicago.Where the City is immersed within the cyber-world. 

The main Protagonist(by the name of Aiden Pearce) is a expert hacker,giving him access to interwoven electronic systems/information,and w/ this information he controls pretty much every electronic device around him.

Watch Dogs is a open-world, urban cyber-punkish playground.You can even act out secret violent desires,If you're into that type of thing.

Aiden's smartphone hacks bridges,steam pipes,traffic lights,etc.
Which brings in interesting possibilities for multiplayer.The aspect of the game,that I'm looking forward to,the most.

I will definitely go into further detail on this title,upon release. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

In the Elder Scrolls Online,Knight Blade owns all

If you never had the pleasure of playing a Elder Scrolls(ES) game proper.You're doing yourself a disfavor,but the recently launched MMO is a great starting point.

Now to the matter of how OP the Knight Blade is, in ESO.If you have an insatiable urge to troll everyone,its the Class for you.

Since sneaking is at the core of the build.Pulling enemies can be second nature.This can be amplified in PVP,especially since most players will be preoccupied w/ attacking Keeps.

A skilled Knight Blade can strike from quickly.Destroy the enemy,and disappear in the shadows.Add a bow for a long range attack,turn invisible.Rise and repeat for maxim trolling results.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Transfer of Power

When I first read an article about one of the Lead Uncharted Devs( Amy Hennig)leaving.I immediately Thought to myself,O'well .I was never really a fan of the franchise,but I did respect what the games had to offer.

That being said,Amy Hennig's impact on the Gaming Industry is legendary.She contributed to the resurrection of the PS3. 

She is reported to have rejoined the ranks at EA games.Hopefully her skills will come in handy with the next implementation of Star Wars.

The gaming community has seen a  drought of quality Star Wars games in general(excluding SWTOR).Maybe Hennig can rekindle the fire for an Quality Single player SW RPG,just maybe.

Friday, April 4, 2014

The next frontier of RPGs

When it comes to Next-Gen,there isn't a ton of variety on the market.There's promise for the future,in this aspect.A hopeful in this category,will likely be Dragon Age Inquisition(DAI).

The upcoming title(DAI),is developed by Bioware.The same company that brought us Mass Effect.

In this installment of the franchise,players are given a true open world.Something that I wished the previous games possessed.Along with much needed additional races.In the previous game of this series.The player only had one option,in regards of race. I am glad to see the Devs return to their proven formula.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        This time around, the combat focuses  mainly on synergy. Building up your attacks off of your allies's success.

Another game feature making it's return,is the sex scene option.If you successfully befriend and romance your way there.Hopefully,it will be done tastefully this go around.

Another additional in this series,is item customization.The player will have the ability to change the color armor,etc.

Looking forward to this title.Hopefully they implement elements of the original,and learn from the mistakes of the sequel.

Is VR the Future of Gaming

               The stereoscopic fantasy has enthused gamers for decades,while the technology always hampered it's  practical  development.It seems that this tech hurdle has been conquered,w/ a wave of  Gaming Companies promoting their VR headsets.Among these gaming companies,two of them stand above the rest.

Sony recently unveiled it's VR headset dubbed "Morpheus"

According to Sony's US R&D Senior Software Engineer,Anton Mikhailvo in a interview conducted by Digitaltrends .Mikhailvo said "We’ve been doing VR for this project for about three years, so we definitely started before Oculus was even funded"

          Morpheus is intended to be paired up w/ the Playstation's Camera for a combination of motion tracking,and Visual immersion. Sony seems to be capitalizing on the popularity of PS4,which Sony hopes can cascade it's headsets in the VR market.A VR market ripe w/ competition,mostly from Oculus Rift(recently acquired by Facebook)

Everyday there's another company entering the VR market,hopefully healthy competition will inspire innovation.They're too many variables at this moment,to say VR is the future,but hopefully it's a branch that will lead to the future of gaming.  

Thursday, December 16, 2010


The PS3 beta is final  in the PSN Store,but only in the US.

Only PlayStation Plus members have access to the beta,but I'm hoping that will change as the launch date nears. The most positive thing I've noticed about the beta,is how many fans are excited about the game ON THE INTERNET.

I still don't see that many paid game reviewers giving it any attention.It's almost like a certain part of the gaming community wants the game to fail.

Friday, December 3, 2010


I was never a Mickey Mouse fan as a child, because Bugs Bunny was a hundred times better.It looks like I made the right choice,even as a child.

There was always some spooky/clownish aspect to all of the Disney characters,and not to mention he was the lamest of all of them but yet the lead .

The game is basically Mickey going around painting things over and over again with his brush.Theres nothing new via gameplay in this title,no matter how much game reviewers try to convince you.The only people I think this game is suitable for,are children under the age of 8.

My advise to Disney is to make a Epic Goofy game,that's something that might actually be entertaining.